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  • Dedicated Open Gym Spaces
  • Plenty of CrossFit, Oly, Free weights, Tredmills and more


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  • Kids/Teens Classes for Dependents


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$ 169 Plus tax
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Courtney McGuire



CrossFit Coach
Certificates- CrossFit L1




CrossFit L1




CrossFit L1

Elise Halbert

Personal Trainer


CPT- American College of Sports Medicine, and Action Fitness
CF-L1 CrossFit
Certified Recovery Specialist -Airrosti Rehab
CPR and First Aid certified -Red Cross

Nate Siberman



CrossFit L1 Certificate
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Gymnastics

Brent Froberg



Trevor Ryan



Dave May

Breathwork Coach



​CrossFit Coach


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
CrossFit Level 2 Certificate


Yoga Instructor

After a ten year career working with animals, Jessica found an incredible sense of authenticity in her yoga practice when she moved from Florida to NYC in 2015.  As a long time practitioner of martial arts, she has followed the wisdom from the principles of Budo and understands that the true mastery to any discipline comes from cultivating one’s inner strength. What started as a means of physical healing, her yoga practice quickly revealed an intricate connection between the moral codes of Budo and the eight-limbed path of Yoga. 

Focusing on centered and mindful movement, Jessica emphasizes fluid transitions between asana and exploring ways of releasing the emotional and physical tension in both the mind and body. Jessica is particularly sensitive to shoulder and hip injuries as she has suffered from both hip dysplasia and shoulder muscle tears.

Jessica’s background in Science has taught her that progress happens when there is space for growth, so she encourages you to release any expectation or self-judgment. If we approach Yoga with curiosity and playfulness then the spark of our own potential can thrive. If we do the work with intention in moments of stillness, then deep in the chaos we have clarity. 

Jessica is Yoga Alliance certified RYT-200 hrs through Sonic Yoga in NYC, has a third degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and rides a motorcycle.



Competitor Coach

Steve first discovered CrossFit when he was 17, preparing for College athletics. Soon after he feel in love with competing in the sport of fitness. He has been able to compete at the highest levels over the years: twice on a team at Regionals in 2016-2017 and as an individual in the West Coast Region in 2018. He competed at multiple elite competitions worldwide, including Wodapalooza, Canada West Games and more.

He first became a Coach in 2012 at Derby City CrossFit in Louisville, KY where he worked full time until 2017. During this time he earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning from the University of Louisville, spending multiple years on different programs interning and coaching. He is passionate about coaching all ages, skill levels and goals. He loves to give back to local community assisting with many different sports strength and conditioning programs.

Outside of the gym, Steve is an Active Duty Captain in the US Army, and a Medical Officer. Steve has served overseas in places such as Afghanistan, Kosovo, Thailand and more over the past decade. Steve also has been a member of the US Army Warrior Fitness Team, using his passion for CrossFit to further recruiting efforts for the US Army.​



CrossFit Coach

Bio coming soon!


​CrossFit Level 1 Certificate


CrossFit Coach

Chris has lived in the Pacific Northwest all his life and currently lives in University Place with his wife, Melody. Chris has always enjoyed competitive sports and grew up playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. When his father built the first indoor tennis club in the area, his focus turned to tennis and Chris went on to become a top-ranked junior, collegiate, and adult player. After he finished competing, Chris used his experience and began coaching for the next 15 years which included 7 years as the head tennis coach for Fife High School.

As an adult, it was still important for Chris to maintain an active lifestyle. He was introduced to CrossFit when he attended the 2015 West Regional event at the Tacoma Dome. He knew right then that CrossFit was something that he wanted to pursue. Chris eventually made his way to University Place CrossFit and knew that he was at the right place. The UPCF community is like no other community and offered everything that Chris was looking for.

Chris loves coaching and he is excited to be a part of University Place CrossFit and helping people grow and reach their full potential. Chris is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and has his CrossFit Masters Trainer Certificate.


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
CrossFit Level 2
​CrossFit Masters Certificate


​CrossFit Coach

Megan is a University Place native, graduating from Curtis High School. She grew up competitively swimming and playing water polo. After college, she coached club water polo for Puget Sound Polo and high school water polo at Silas (formerly Wilson) for several years. In November 2018, she walked into University Place CrossFit on a free friends and family day… and never looked back! After resigning from water polo coaching, she decided to get her L1 and then began coaching at UPCF. She loves that CrossFit is infinitely scalable for any athlete. It is so fun seeing a community complete the same workout, but in their own way based their ability and strength. Megan currently lives in University Place with her three cats – Leonardo DiCatpurrrio, Kat Winslet and Loaf Goodson. She works as a dental hygienist for a root canal specialist (who she got to join UPCF also!) In the gym, she dislikes running and accumulating calories on an erg, but loves any gymnastic movement like handstand push ups or pull ups. When she’s not at the gym, she loves brunching with friends (and the nap that follows), cheering on the Seahawks, exploring the PNW, traveling to new places and still stays true to her roots by playing water polo with her masters team.


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
CrossFit Level 2


CrossFit Coach

Reegan has quite literally grown up in a competitive athletic environment. She has been with UPCF since it’s inception and personifies the community values on a daily basis through grit, determination and a dedication to performance. Reegan was instrumental in the development of RevUp Athletics; serving as both a sounding board and prototype for our young athlete specific program. She has been coaching and leading our kid’s program for over three years.

Reegan has her L2 CrossFit certificate and coaches both adults, kids and Olympic Weightlifting at UPCF. Reegan graduated from Boise State University last winter and is working at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in the research lab.

Reegan has an incredible ability to connect with and inspire athletes looking to build a solid foundation. She is committed to ensuring your young athlete has the tools needed to succeed both in and out of the arena.


CrossFit L2 Certificate


Strength Coach

Ace is originally from Fort Benning Georgia and was stationed at Fort Lewis in 2011 at the ripe age of 18. He served with the 75th Ranger Regiment here in Washington with multiple combat deployments. As a kid, he was always active, participating in sports like football, track, cross country, and martial arts. He was introduced to power lifting and weightlifting when he joined the Army. After serving his contract in the military, Ace transitioned into academics, receiving his Associates in Kinesiology at Pierce College and Bachelors at Pacific Lutheran University. 

He became a personal trainer and a strength and conditioning coach at Pierce College. It was there he discovered CrossFit and more structure with Olympic Weightlifting. He has competed in power lifting and Olympic Weightlifting and has established good relationships with multiple locally owned gyms. Ace is a weightlifting enthusiast coaching at multiple local gyms and has a passion in helping people improve their technique, strength, and attitude. Ace has a Level 1 USA Weightlifting Certificate. 

Outside of the gym, Ace enjoys travelling internationally, hiking, shooting competitively, practicing martial arts, and archery.


Level 1 USA Weightlifting Certificate 


CrossFit Coach

Lisa first tried CrossFit over 13 years ago and it was still so new and people wondered “Why” she wanted to workout that way!  Why so intense, why so heavy, why so much? Well those are all of the reasons why she fell in love with CrossFit.  Lisa loves the community it creates, the passion it brings out in its athletes, the friends she has  made, the strength she has gained and the  commitment.  CrossFit has become Lisa’s happy place. 

Lisa has  5 years of CrossFit and HITT coaching experience and loves helping people break through their barriers and achieve something they didn’t think they could.  Lisa loves being an advocate and cheerleader for people and a constant positive.  You can find her dancing and cheering for you with each rep. She is excited to coach at University Place CrossFit and help the members achieve their goals and beyond. 


CrossFit Level 2 Certificate


CrossFit Coach

Lacey grew up in Arizona and has been an outdoor enthusiast and active her entire life. She participated in competitive cheerleading and from an early age enjoyed challenging herself and accomplishing athletic goals. Lacey moved to several states with the military until she landed in Washington state. She has a full time career as a nurse and has a passion for caring for others and inspiring others to be healthy and fit.

Lacey is a talented athlete, and has a fire to compete in CrossFit competitions. Her free time is spent finding challenging hikes throughout the country. Lacey has over 5 years of strength and conditioning coaching. She has been coaching for UPCF for over 2 years and has helped our members learn their full potential physically and mentally. 


CrossFit Level 2 Certificate


CrossFit Coach

Shirley is a University Place native! She is also a CrossFit and Olympic Lifting enthusiast. When she is not coaching, you can usually find her either participating in class, training for Olympic Lifting competitions and or furthering her professional training. She has been to several weight lifting and squat clinic seminars and loves to expand her knowledge. She has been doing CrossFit since the beginning of 2013 and became a CrossFit Trainer in 2015. She left her job in corporate land to pursue her passion for making her community healthier and to spend more time with her husband, daughter and German Shepherd.

In her early years, Shirley participated in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and lifting. Fast forward to adulthood she trained to be a Pilates Instructor and that is where her real love for healthy living began. Since then that love has evolved into her lifestyle and she lives everyday to spread that knowledge to anyone and everyone.

Shirley is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, has her CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate and her CrossFit Kid’s Trainer Certificate.


CrossFit Level 2  Certificate
CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate
CrossFit Kid’s Certificate
Precision Nutrition Coach


CrossFit Coach

Christy has lived in University Place for the past 18 years and is excited to be working for a gym that is helping to bring the community together to improve their health. Growing up Christy was a competitive gymnast and has continued to enjoy challenging herself physically into adulthood. Prior to starting CrossFit she was an avid long distance runner, practiced yoga regularly and enjoyed boot-camp fitness classes. Her desire to push herself is what brought her to the sport of CrossFit. In 2015 she competed in her first CrossFit open and she was hooked. The ability to constantly work toward improving your skills and to become stronger, while having fun and interacting with other member is what fed her new found love of the sport. Her desire to help others on that journey is what pushed her to become a CrossFit coach.

Outside of the gym, Christy enjoys spending time with her family, especially her son and her beloved lab/pit mix named Zed. During the days she works at a local community college running a high school program for area youth. Having faced some tough health challenges over the past 16 years, Christy also spends a lot of her free time learning more about nutrition and the healing benefits of food. Along with coaching movements she enjoys using some of the nutrition knowledge she has gained to help others learn how to appropriately fuel their workouts.

Christy has been coaching at UPCF for over a year and is a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. She has been involved in coaching the Summer RevUp programs and coaching competitors at local CrossFit competitions. 


​CrossFit Level 2 Certificate


CrossFit and RevUp Coach

​Rory was fortunate to start CrossFit in 2004 at the age of 14. Her mom dragged her to the gym and she never looked back! She got her L1 in 2008 and began coaching the same year as a freshman in college. In 2011 she was hired by CrossFit HQ to coach on the L1 & L2 seminar staff. Since then she’s taught over 250 seminars all over the world! 

Rory is particularly drawn to coaching kids. She spent the last 5 years in Hawaii as the CEO of the Keala Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free CrossFit and fitness resources to kids. She also directed and coordinated the primary fundraising event for the organization, The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run.

She is a 5 times CF Regional competitor and has qualified for the CrossFit Games 2 times, in 2013 and 2014. 

She counts herself blessed to have been raised by a community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and health. Coaching, learning, and fitness are lifelong pursuits she never intends to give up! 


Level 4 Certified CrossFit Coach
CrossFit Seminar Staff
2 times CrossFit Games Athlete
5 times CrossFit Regional Athlete


Director of Motivation & Coach

Pauline was the founding coach of RevUp and was with UPCF since day one. She specialized in early childhood development and was brilliant with children as well as programming to fit the specific needs for ages 3-10.  Pauline received her ​CrossFit OL-Level 1 Certificate in January of 2022 and started coaching adult CrossFit classes as well. 

​If the UPCF community is a fire, Pauline was the spark that set it ablaze. It is Pauline’s example of strength in the face of adversity that led our founding team to set the dream that is UPCF into motion. In 2013, Pauline was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. An avid outdoors women, runner and mother of three, Pauline refused to allow her diagnosis to control her life. For over a year, she endured intensive treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and a bilateral mastectomy. Throughout her treatment, Pauline remained active; often against the orders of her doctors. Once in remission, Pauline dedicated herself to not only regaining but improving upon her previous level of fitness. CrossFit offered a proven and potent template from which to build on that goal. With quality CrossFit programming and an unrivaled work ethic, this cancer survivor found herself closing in on 40 years of age, in the best shape of her life. With poise and pure positivity, Pauline became a shining example of hope for everyone lucky enough to be a part of her journey.

In 2017, after several years in remission, Pauline once again sat on the receiving end of devastating news. Her breast cancer had returned; this time aggressively attacking her bones. Though a recurrence of this nature brings with it a difficult fight, Pauline remained true to her faithful and hopeful message. It was precisely this news that also set in motion the sequence of decisions and events that would ultimately lead to the founding of UPCF. For over a decade, Pauline’s family had shared a vision of forming a business based on improving lives. Facing the reality of another bout with cancer, the family decided to take immediate action in the form of what we now refer to as our “Intentional Life.” With Pauline’s fighting spirit as a guide, UPCF was born.

Pauline’s fight ended on September 3, 2022 but was not lost. She defied odds over and over and inspired thousands along the way to keep living with intention, hope and love. We will always view her battle as victorious because of the lasting impact she has left on this earth. 


​CrossFit Level 1 Certificate


Owner, CrossFit and RevUp Coach

Ashleigh grew up in University Place, she is passionate about this community where she now lives with her husband, Jon and their three children. Ashleigh has always had a love for sports and competition and was an All American athlete at Curtis High School. She competed in swimming and water polo at Curtis and went on to play water polo in college at the Division 1 level at San Diego State University. 

Ashleigh continued to fulfill her passion for athletics through coaching for the past 17 years. She has been a youth swim coach, water polo coach and fitness instructor. Ashleigh’s husband convinced her to try CrossFit and she was hooked. The physical intensity, team support and personal results were a few of Ashleigh’s favorite aspects of CrossFit. 

The aspirations of owning a family business that would improve the well being of a community and spread positivity has been a decade long goal for Ashleigh and Jon. When they developed a passion for CrossFit and decided that they were ready for a more intentional life path, a CrossFit gym was at the center of their new career goals. Ashleigh and her family have lived across the country following Jon’s corporate career and have now settled back in University Place ready to serve the community they love. Ashleigh has been coaching CrossFit for 5 years and is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and has her CrossFit Kids Certificate.  She is excited about helping individuals achieve their personal fitness goals.


CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
CrossFit Kid’s Certificate


Owner, CrossFit Coach

Jon grew up with a love for sports. He competed in every one available including; swimming, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, water polo, powerlifting, triathlons, duathlons and running.  When he found CrossFit in 2015, the realization came that he had not been training as efficiently or profoundly as he could have throughout his life.  This realization coupled with both his desire to help others and to be with family, led to his inspiration to move back to University Place with his wife Ashleigh and 3 children to become a part of the UPCF founding team.   

Jon began developing his passion for coaching over 20 years ago when he started volunteering in youth and Special Olympics sports. Jon has been coaching CrossFit for 5 years and has accumulated thousands of hours of strength, conditioning and sport specific coaching. Jon is passionate about improving the lives of the community through health and fitness. He is committed to continually learning and developing the best knowledge to teach and develop others. In addition to owning and operating UPCF, Jon programs and trains athletic teams and is the personal trainer for several professional athletes. 

Jon honed his leadership and coaching skills over the past 14 years progressively gaining larger roles with a major corporation.  Throughout his career he always made time to volunteer coach sports teams while maintaining an active recreational lifestyle with his family. ​Jon is the head coach of the UP Viks 5th grade football and president of the UP Vikings Lacrosse Club.


Owner, CrossFit Coach
Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer
USA Weightlifting level 1 Coach
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach


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